Brandon Yager believes in setting big goals, taking massive action, and constantly improving along the way. His excellence-based philosophy incorporates a feedback system that allows you to pivot so you can continually produce massive results, cultivate deeper connections, and increase your confidence. He knows that when you transform your thoughts, you can create the life that you really want. 

Since co-founding Yager Training LLC with his wife, Deborah, Brandon has become an expert in the field of NLP. With an impressive business list behind him, he is also an expert in real estate, health, fitness, and whole body wellness. He’s a natural problem solver who values an incredibly effective workflow. His drive to be the best is evident in all that he does, and by knowing what it takes to get there, he finds purpose in helping others attain the same success. 

NLP has allowed Brandon to experience personal and financial freedom and it’s become a key part of his life’s mission. Founding the International Board of NLP is his next step in revolutionizing training and bringing massive action to the world of NLP.