Deborah Yager is a powerhouse with an unusual journey that only strengthens her as a Master Coach & Master Trainer. NLP found Deb several years ago, and it was a match made in Heaven. Her past struggles with sexuality, addiction, and negative self talk were hurdles in her life that NLP helped her overcome. On the other side of those hurdles was a brand new self empowered Deb – full of big ideas and the desire to create change.

Because of her background, Deb discovers what clients really want by helping them dive into their past traumas and current perceptions. She focuses on rebuilding better lives by using powerful tools to conquer negative feelings that hold people back. Over the last few years, her innovative approach to the mind and body has helped hundreds of people lead more fulfilling lives. She is a firm believer in the ability to manifest your own reality and everything that comes into your realm. 

Founding the International Board of NLP with her husband is something that has always been in the works for Deb. Her mission to help women create confidence in life, relationships, business, sales, sex, and more has driven her to co-create this board to help people build the confidence and freedom that leads to a successful and happy life.